Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raw Food talk - Friday!

Victoria and Valya Boutenko of the Raw Food Family are in Calgary this weekend. They are speaking on the value of green food in our lives. More information at They speak from experience creating healthy lives with the power of raw foods. I've read a few of their books and am empowered to put immensely more of the marvelous greens in my life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thrive Diet

Back in 2006, I started supplementing my diet with Brendan Brazier's protocol of hemp, flax, chlorella and maca. I was racing at a high level with the multi-day endurance races, with the continued stresses of life in general and the extra ones of race logistics, housing and funding without a good strategy for chilling out time. These all added up and impacted my health with weakened adrenals for recovery. Using Brendan's protocol was the only boost my body got at that time; and I believe got me thru the extra stress.

Currently, Brendan has a series of *free* videos which highlight super health and nutrition. Sign up for the series at: thrive in 30

Valuable life information that I wish I had known years ago... and definitely a way of life for me now.

Spring in Kelowna

I took an extended Easter break for cycle training staying out at my friend Mike's chalet in Kelowna on the lake. Typical up and down spring weather. For the most part, the cycling was superb! I joined the Sunday group (wickedly fast) ride and met two riders, Jen and Steve, for my ride on Monday. Tuesday night group mountain bike ride at Knox mountain was followed by a very yummy bbq and lasagna served up by Kelowna Cycle. Gotta like training here!
I did some yard work at Mike's place. The darn pine needles are a foot long, let alone how huge the pinecones are! When I went on the roof to clean off the pine needles, much to my surprise a raccoon scampered away. I assume he was the noise on the roof I heard the last couple nights. He had ripped away shingles and made a little hole under the rooftop. Mr. Coon just glared at me for discovering his new home. I covered the damage and nailed in a huge piece of plywood. These little guys are smart and go chalet to chalet until they are discovered. Thankfully, I got him before he dug his way into the chalet. The next night's sleep was peaceful...

I have one last ride around the lake today in brilliant sunshine, 141km and 1900m elevation gain. Sweet!