Monday, July 29, 2013

Frisby Ridge including Ultimate Frisby!

Later in the afternoon after the Kicking Horse Cup road race, 
I checked out CBT trail starting from the single lane bridge... 
pretty fun trail up & down - Golden

Next day, epic ride in Revie... to Frisby Ridge

Starting from town, west Hwy 1 to Hwy 23N to FSR...
9.3 km, 140m elevation, 27 min

Gravel forestry road to Frisby Ridge trailhead...
9.4 km, 768m elevation, 1 hour

Frisby Ridge trail to highpoint - 10.6 km, 734m elevation, 1:14 hr
A very rider friendly trail suitable for new mountain bikers

Super flowy descent, riding down (or ripping!) was way more fun than I thought it would be -  10.7 km, 35 min

Followed the gravel road down two switchbacks 4.7 km, and around the corner another 100m to the Ultimate Frisby Downhill trailhead

The 3 guys on downhill bikes did not question me attempting this trail with my hardtail!

I could almost keep up to their dog...until, I hit a few longggg steep pitches where I walked due more to sketchy loose sand/dirt.

I was riding fine until I decided to bail, with the bike unexpectedly rebounding back at me... pedal to shin - hard, bar to ribs - hard.

Hurt, though knew it could have been worse. Scraped the rest of the way down. Saw two of the guys and the dog waiting for their buddy to return with the truck.

If the GPS clocked it right, this descent was only 2.5 km with a 577 metre drop in elevation! - STEEP

Rode back into town with a slight descent and a tailwind

Epic! well-rounded ride
4:10 hr, 54 km
1990m total elevation gain

Wildflowers - OUTSTANDING!
reminder - horseflies, big as birds and majorly annoying

back in Revie for Jan's birthday with home-made cakes!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kicking Horse Cup - Golden BC

5.77 km prologue - Golden to Nicholson
fun fast corner - photo KHC
Saturday morning - Time-trial, strong tailwind with minimal climbing, 47 metres elevation gain. Pedalled as hard as I could in the drops... and out of the saddle of course. Ended 15 seconds after Margie Smith in 1st place.

Hill-climb event was not until 4 pm. I took the opportunity to pre-ride. Took it easy up though did notice the strong winds which would prevent a record breaking day. Saw many cars drive up with bikes on top. Later, Shawna Donaldson threw a witty comment at me asking if I had ridden the climb 4 times that day! Good one ;)

13.4 km hill-climb to Kicking Horse Resort
Mass men's field crossing bridge to 11 km climb - photo KHC
Men's mass start left at 4 pm. Women's mass about to leave 5 min later as a train came thru town. Waited. 19 min later we started.

Margie Smith took the initiative to lead. The first 2.4 km was flat with a headwind. I took the next pull. Soon, a Deadgoat and TCR came through then a young woman (sub 30 category) in yellow.

Across the one car wide wooden bridge, the hill climb started with 11 km up.

A few pulls with mixed riders. After the first rise, Margie, myself and young yellow jersey woman Ali made a clean break away. The three of us took turns pulling with Ali pulling strongly. I was pleasantly surprised at her strength and happy we were flying up the climb at a quick pace. I had counted on Margie being there.

Margie Smith, Ali Wilson, Marg Fedyna - flying up the climb! - KHC

We were evenly matched. I took pulls on the steeper sections. Finish was going to be down to a sprint.

Pre-riding earlier, I saw the finish was up a steep pitch 100m, then not as steep another 100m.

I let the girls dictate the pace on the steep pitch. Ali dropped off, Margie went full force. Once the grade lessened, I had a few moments of gears clashing (only time I used the small chain ring on that final steep pitch). Once back in the big ring, I was able to sprint in the final bit. Chipped away 5 sec on Margie's GC.

With the strong headwind 60% of the way, it was definitely a 3-person effort to get us up in the time we did 36:10. Definitely record breaking potential on a calm day (need to break 35 min).

61 km road race - Australian Rules
New format of racing for me at this BC Masters road race with Australian rules. The older categories are given head-starts based on 10-year age groupings, with the younger categories chasing. First rider across the line wins.

look of concern about being chased! - photo KHC
Women were grouped within the men's 10-year age categories, adding 15 years to their age. This put me with the 60+ year-olds. I was not sure if I was suited for my category with my hill-climbing ability though thought I'd give it a try. I already conceded that Margie won the GC as once her age group would catch us, there would be no chance to gain over 10 seconds on a 6 km mostly descending finish.

The road course was 2-loops of 30.5 km eye of the needle form with ample hill-climbing, 415 metre per loop, on the very hilly and scenic Golden Upper Donald Road.

I took out the pace in my group start with the first few hills. Sheila Summers came by to help and a few 60+ year old men. We needed more power on the slight descents which we got from a few guys towards the end of the 1st loop.

I had no idea when the 50+ year old group would catch on. As I was leading up a climb into the 2nd loop, a rider came upon my shoulder. It was Olav Stana of famed hill-climb status! I quickened my pace and was super thrilled to group up with Olav and Brian Marsh.

Loop 1, Marg working with a strong 60+ climber who chose not to join Olav and Brian when they caught up as he did not believe he would hang on. I told him, you just gotta go for it! Worse case, is getting caught by the group. Best case, staying ahead! - photo KHC

We flew! I took a few pulls though knew to stick behind for any descents and flats, especially in the wind. On the final backstretch, I was surprised when Olav attacked on the steep climb. Brian attempted to respond. I was scared to lose them both.

Olav easily flitted away. Brian settled his pace and pulled super strongly up, and down. I could hang on though was not in any position to help. I was worked!

It was impressive to see Brian work his way close to Olav by the end of the race. This put me in 3rd place in the Overall Master's Race.

Olav only had a 50 cog chain ring on the front, so to attack when he did was his best move. Brian was impressive with his all-round ability to ride strong on the hills as well as strong on the flats and descents.

Marg - Post Hill Climb Smiles! - photo KHC

Thanks to Aleks and Mike Macklem for putting this event on! Including the little extras... Mike for removing dead carcasses pre-TT, and Aleks for keeping the women entertained with the train-delayed hillclimb start  :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ogopogo 2013

Last farewells to Deadgoat Henry as he heads back to Calgary. We had a few wicked rides together in the O.K.

Last Ogopogo blog post with awesome CBC radio documentary on the missing creature...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Western Painted Turtle Crossing

Whenever I ride 'round the lake loop of Okanagan Lake via the floating bridge (143 km, 1945m elevation), I have wondered about the "Turtle Crossing" signs on Commonage Road south of Vernon.
Road ride with Mark Woodhouse taking my Turtle Crossing photo

As I was cruising on a descent past the sign, I saw my first turtle crossing the road! Seeing a semi coming the other way, I thought best to double back as the turtle was headed for a 2' barrier.
photo from 'net

Put my bike down, and had to chase down the turtle until he allowed me to pick him up. Probably 8" shell. I quickly put him on the other side of the barrier so he could head off to the pond.

It was a cool feeling to help the little guy!

Found out it was a Western Painted Turtle. Thanks to Lia Brown (UBCO Middle School education, and artist) who instigated driver awareness by putting up her own printed flags after she investigated the history of the Turtle Crossing at Commonage Road next to Rose's Pond, Vernon BC for her final research (GRIP) project in teacher education.