Monday, December 20, 2010

Longview Spring water

The directions on FindaSpring could be abit more detailed... the drive up the road was more than "up the hill a little bit". It was a good kilometre! Found it as described coming out of pipe into a trough.

Only if I can't get to the Rockies would I stop off at this spring. Easy access on-route to Fernie and Crowsnest Pass via Hwy 22.

Rocky Mountain view from the spring parking spot

My "Thrive" bottle full of fresh spring water

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lynnwood, WA - Surburban Spring Water

Lynnwood Artesian Well: Off to visit friends in Seattle, I stopped off highway I-5 South. I wasn't sure what spring source I'd find as I was in the middle of suburbia.

Exit 183 (164th St SW), west 600 metres, little parking area on the north side, at the bottom of the dip in the hill.

I bumped into a couple women who were cool to have their picture taken with me.
Once I was done filling up my glass bottles, there was a line-up of people. Super busy popular spot!

Awesome when the community cares for the water source with analysis.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Canmore Spring

A frequent stop for me whenever I'm out west in the mountains. Easy trek into the bush near Harvie Heights just off Highway 1. Will usually see a trodden path in the snow from the parking spot into the trees. Follow upstream to the pipe.
view from the spring source

Monday, December 06, 2010

Spring Water! Nowhere Spring near Hinton

Spring water defeats gravity and actually levitates up from earth to the ground. It's a great feeling to bottle up my own water, and it tastes remarkable. I'm getting into testing and learning more about it.

Anyone I've carpooled with for x-c skiing lately, has had to stop at a spring with me. After tasting it, they've all admitted to wanting to bring glass containers with them next time!
Filling up with spring water 5-km up Hwy 40 outside of Hinton

Directions appear sketchy, though easy to find just as written.

People are slowly starting to populate the website created by Daniel Vitalis with locations found all over the world.

The Raw Snowman

I made apple-butternut squash soup for the Raw Food Potluck on Sat. I couldn't resist to bring along the Raw Snowman dessert. Super quick and easy to make. Tough to cut him up, though everyone enjoyed eating him!!

1 1/2 cup cashews
juice of 1 lemon (I ran out so used some lime)
7 dates (pitted)
unsweetened coconut flakes

Eyes - pumpkin seeds
Nose - goji berry
Mouth - chia seeds
Buttons - raisins
Arms - grape stems

Blend dry cashews until like flour. Set aside in a bowl. Blend dates, juice and a few sprinkles of coconut flakes (prevents sticking). Mix wet with dry with a spoon to make a dough. Make 3 balls, roll in coconut flakes, build snowman! Source:

Anyone is welcome to join in on the Edmonton raw food potlucks. Contact to get on the mailing list. Different venue the 1st Sat of each month. The food is outstanding!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

2010 X-C Ski Season Begins...

Ski season had a couple week late start later November this year. Of course, I headed to the mountains whereever there was enough snow to glide on.

The view driving towards Hinton, view of the Rockies near Jasper.

Skiing with Taras at the Hinton Nordic Centre Nov 21, -20C
Awesome conditions, super fun, though cool temps

Early season tracks at Hinton Nordic Centre, Nov 25

Mountain views at the end of Morraine Lake Road in Lake Louise, Dec 1

View from the top of Blueberry Hill in Kananaskis, Dec 2

Pic on Blueberry climb that Alf Skrastins took of me! that I found on

Hinton friends Sue & Skye heading out on a balmy -8C day, Dec 5