Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anarchist ERTC Climb

Took a brief training week out in the Okanagan. Met up with the ERTC gang twice for wickedly long rides.

First one was the Ironman loop in reverse via Green Mountain road. Had my first flat of the season with a wicked huge nail, finding out I had been carrying a mtnbike tube in my saddlebag all spring. Fortunately I carried an extra road tube in my pocket on these long spring rides.
Brent, Marg & Kevin with Sasquatch in back
Second ride was the backroad loop to Osoyoos with an out/back up Anarchist. Slight headwinds on our way out. My first time up Anarchist climb. Quite an open road, parts were enjoyable though prefer climbs like Apex.

After an hour climb up Anarchist to the Sasquatch statue, and a stop in Osoyoos to feed the boys, I was dismayed to see the huge Canadian flag at the Husky station pointing direct south. Yikes, the winds switched against us! I was ready to pack it in and hitchhike back to Penticton. Fortunately Jason and Geoff were amazingly strong and pulled the whole way back with three of us lingering at the back.

A good 180 km day!