Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Kids' Projects!

Panda Flavonoid project with Jenn & Jess

Ok, so they're not exactly MY kids...

I was thrilled to get to help 4th year U of A Nutrition students get their research projects underway.

After discussions with them, I helped out creating some snazzy Excel worksheet formulas for their data analysis. They had alot of work to get everything together and did awesome.

Casey chatting about her study with the APrON project

Yesterday, I went to their Poster Presentations at Dinwoodie Lounge on campus. It was an elaborate affair with a catered meal. Each student was by their poster ready to answer questions.

What a great experience for them to get to show off their work and get challenged. Wish they did this when I went to U of A.
Getting my name in the acknowledgements!
I felt as cool as a proud parent getting to see the hard work of "my kids"!