Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Mike Nosco Memorial Ride 2015

Super cool to make the photo for the poster!
My 3rd time at this great event. Past story

After Deer Creek deathly steep hill climb, I was solo descending Encinal. Almost missed the turn for Mulholland and backtracked. Climbed Mulholland as best as possible solo losing a lot of ground on the couple descending sections.

It was cool to get cheers from the women's group I passed. One woman specifically hollered she was cheering for me for the Hammer award as the other woman had a group pulling her! I had no idea what she meant though was happy for the cheers.
Barely stopped at the feed zone and made my way to the real climb of the course, Latigo! Started with a group that had formed with all but one guy dropping. I followed this guy's solid pace as he told me which famous person lived where.

When the grade diminished a tad, I then picked up the pace. Rode solo past Scott Johnson who gave me the awesome Serious Cycling jersey to wear.

Smashed my time on Latigo climb (!) with the guy behind thanking me for challenging the pace. Rolled back to the event start with the odd straggler rider. Where does everyone go…

Post-event with California lads Neil Shirley and Jeffrey Stern who I met in Taiwan just days earlier

one of the winners of the "Female" Nosco Hammer Award
 - gotta laugh