Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall Riding 26C!

I met with Kamren and his buddy Zach for a fun ride on our 'cross bikes in the warm 26C afternoon. We followed Kamren from Millcreek up & down every grassy hill or trail that he could find... all the way to Goldbar including a loop of Goldstick trails. He even made us climb Gallagher ski hill on the grass!
Photo - downtown Edmonton from Goldbar bridge

The fall colours were amazing and unbelievable to have such a nice weather day for riding. I couldn't believe the rooty singletrack trails Kam took us on. I did my darndest to keep up and not crash.

Photo - Kamren riding up Kinnard Ravine


JAC said...

Whatcha doing back in Edmonton?

Hobo said...

It's home :)