Saturday, September 26, 2009

Length of the Lake

It was awesome to take a day off as a spectator as I went to watch the Length of the Lake race. It started at Kin Beach in Vernon, had pitstops in Fintry, Bear Creek, Peachland, and Summerland before hitting the end of the lake in Penticton around 100-km later. Years past, I had wanted to do this race as a solo surfskier though never had the chance.

teeny OC6's barely seen in the top corner view

1st speedy change-over at Fintry

off go a fresh crew...
What a day the paddlers had with major winds churning up through the day making a long paddle seem even longer! OC paddler Shirley Benson - weary and smiling!

I loved sitting out on the dock watching the change-overs, either outrigger or surfski changes. Some solos went by. Watching the paddlers go off into the huge windy waves put a smile on my face... I guess remembering the good paddling a few years back and mostly loving paddling into the waves.

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