Monday, October 19, 2009

Blow Street Super Cross - Calgary

The Deadgoats set this fun race up in a small residential park. The course took great advantage of the whole area and had us ripping back and forth on the flats with some nice twisty spots around the trees. I played Superwoman before the race changing my race attire umpteen times. The snow melted during the Sport and Expert races before me and the temperature was increasing. Good group of women starters. Being my first cyclocross race since 2005, all I knew was to look for Mical's wheel (super-pro mtnbiker).

Squeezing into 2nd spot behind Mical just before the first corner
photo - Darcy Reynard (fisheye specialist)

Mical riding thru the evaporating snow
photo - Darcy Reynard
Marg swooping thru the corner before the hurdle-height barriers!
photo - Darcy Reynard
Julie cheering with bells... I believe she cheered "go away marg" when I passed by!
photo - Darcy Reynard, bells - Mical's mom
Smiling muddy faces - Marg & Shantel
photo - Darcy Reynard

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