Monday, December 06, 2010

Spring Water! Nowhere Spring near Hinton

Spring water defeats gravity and actually levitates up from earth to the ground. It's a great feeling to bottle up my own water, and it tastes remarkable. I'm getting into testing and learning more about it.

Anyone I've carpooled with for x-c skiing lately, has had to stop at a spring with me. After tasting it, they've all admitted to wanting to bring glass containers with them next time!
Filling up with spring water 5-km up Hwy 40 outside of Hinton

Directions appear sketchy, though easy to find just as written.

People are slowly starting to populate the website created by Daniel Vitalis with locations found all over the world.


JAC said...

Fully agree... in ottawa, we have a great route from ottawa to wakefield then back to ottawa. I can hit up 3 springs!

Marg Fedyna said...

sounds awesome to have springs close by. A couple x-c ski friends (originally from Ottawa/Montreal) today just told me to move to Chelsea