Sunday, May 08, 2011

Following Turbo-Tim on the Genesee Loop

Pretty fun for me to draft behind a fast guy's bike and go on a long ride. Well, "fun" as in "fast and challenging". There were many moments today my legs were screaming at me trying to keep the pace and to be sheltered from the winds.

Tim Kulak and I ventured on our 2nd trip this season out southwest towards Devon looping north over the Genesee bridge and back thru west Edmonton. Round trip 181-km. This loop has some pretty nice back roads with minimal traffic and interesting scenery. There is no stop for water past Calmar only 1 1/2 hours in. We like to take the backroads (Devon TT course) with the valley hillclimb so we bypass Calmar. On our last ride, I noticed a cute B&B on Hwy 622. I phoned ahead to see if we could stop in for water. Very kind of Carole and Roland from The Heartland Inn to leave a few bottles of water for us in their mailbox.

90-km in on our ride, one dark cloud hovered over us and decided to spit a few ice pellets and raindrops for no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, pretty sunny for the rest of the headwind ride home.

I was glued onto Tim's wheel for most of the ride though cracked a couple times. Too much flatlander riding. Tim was ultra amazing to pull the whole time strongly! We rode back in record times!!

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