Sunday, January 15, 2012

hike for Hinton spring water

Post skiing a few sections with Corey's group at Hinton Nordic centre, I ventured off for spring water.
a balmy day skiing with Susan in shorts up ahead!
It used to be an easy stop for spring water just 100 metres off Hwy 40 north. Since the 400m hose from the source has frozen and been disconnected, it's a 5-min hike in to the spring source.

After parking the car, I load up a backpack with glass bottles and carry a couple bags. The first 200 metres is flat on a lumpy road. The next 200 metres climbs up 170 feet. 
trekking in, up 200 metres
I bring along my traction devices for stability descending with loaded glass bottles of water.
spring source sheltered with a cistern
The hike back takes twice as long, slowly! Though well worth it.

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