Sunday, February 05, 2012

New found Pipestone Trails

Weekend prior to the Birkie gave the last weekend to sneak off from work for the weekend. Marcus and I skied every possible x-c trail at Lake Louise...
view of the Hotel from the far end of the x-c trails on the glacier side
...out/back Morraine Lake road, around Fairview, loop in the trees towards the glacier back on the lake, down upper Telemark to Peyto, out the Great Divide and back on the latter part of lower Telemark, walking across the road to hook back onto Tramline. Total 49-km in under 4 hours.

Lake Louise glacier behind us
Stayed at Field hostel in the downstairs suite. What to do the next day?
Reading the reports on (formerly, many skiers reported in about the great condition Pipestone classic trails at the base of the Lake Louise ski hill on the other side of the highway.
My next favourite trails at Pipestone!
Off we went to explore new territory... Wow, the Pipestone trail loop going counterclockwise was wicked! An intermediate trail gently climbing un-noticeably high on swoopy singletrack trails in the trees. I had faith in the groomer who took out the tracks on any corner that was sharp to prepare for a stepturn.
shadow view of the lake
The latter half had crazy rollercoaster descents swooping around in the trees. Fortunately, we were out of these sections each time we came across skiers climbing up that direction. We ended up doing two loops of the 13-km section.

Still wanting a little more mileage, we skateskied out/back Morraine Lake road before heading home. Another weekend warrior weekend!

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