Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kat Scratch Loppet - Spray River West

Just happened that a Kat Scratch Loppet was on today when I asked Linda if I could join in on a ski. I was allowed entry! as it is an event put on within their own ski group "Skiing with Ian". This is maybe my 3rd or 4th Kat Scratch event since 2003.

Here's the video coach Ian Daffern took as we skied by. Note, when Sean was on the return ski, Ian followed Sean while filming and cheering oncomers on! Pretty impressive.

It was awesome to get a hard effort in since putting alot of mileage over Christmas. I got away on Gilles on the long steep climb. On the return Gilles flew by me on the double-pole section and descent.

Amazing scenery!

Location - Spray River West
Distance - approx.  20km (out and back trail)
Temp -   Track -11.4  and Air -14 at the start warming to -9 by finish.  Weather - clear, sunny and cool

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