Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Dogtooth Dash Results

Funny about the Dogtooth results... abit misleading. Not just the Elite and Enduro women's ranking, a few Elite men are listed with a finishing time who did not even complete the full course.

These men only did one of the two final loops. By their time listed, it appears they finished faster than they actually would have on the full course. The marshall at the last checkpoint was to write down the time a racer came by each loop.

Yah, it's a good race... just needs an attentive marshall  :)

the race director is best to stick with the mic!

I arranged to meet with the ISMF certified referee David Dornian with the intention to discuss the Dogtooth Dash mishap. When we met, Dave went on and on about regulatory bodies all the way to Supreme Court. He did not touch upon the situation itself. It was difficult to listen politely.

A man listening in on the conversation asked me what happened. I introduced myself and learned that Ryan Johnstone was another referee.

I told him my viewpoint that 2/3 of the way in the Dogtooth Dash, the race director sent two women to the finish line as it was indicated we did not make the time-cut. I rebutted though was still sent to the finish line early. The race director then allowed the next two women competitors behind me to continue on the full course. The race rules indicate that a ranking was to happen at the point of time-cut. In the end, this did not happen.

This referee Ryan then said "What do you see wrong with that?"

Hmmm, I was not sure how to respond. His statement came across cold. It was aimless to pursue a discussion with these unreceptive men. I'm sure they both meant well though it was awkward that the subject was skirted around.

As men in the position of referees who assumably are to act on behalf of fairness in the sport, a pro-active statement from them would be they understood what happened at Dogtooth was unfair.... and they would provoke different action in the future for unexpected situations that occur.

They have plans to bid for an ISMF race.

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