Sunday, November 24, 2013

AT Skimo Training Camp in Rogers Pass

Canadian Skimo Training camp - Michelle Katchur Roberts, Marg Fedyna, Melanie Bernier, Steve Sellars, Brad Schalles, Peter Knight - photo Igor Bernas

Leaving the Illicillewaet parking lot for the long climb up with packs. My setup... Manaslu 161cm with Dynafit Radical ST bindings
the Asulkan hut ahead
Steve getting closer
Asulkan Hut - sleeps 12 max
Michelle, Peter & Steve off for a few runs

Michelle heading up to the bunks

Mostly Dynafit TLT6's drying by the fire
View from the Hut down to the trailhead
What am I doing?! - photo Michelle Katchur Roberts

Michelle digging a path to the outhouse...
outhouse abit far away from the hut I thought
getting clipped in - photo Michelle Katchur Roberts

terrain we covered

Yes, it looks abit lumpy and boney in the early season!

The whole crew putting skins on.
Check out the lumpy terrain at the bottom!

Steve making his way up. Good powder runs from the top!

Marg on the last skin up to the hut to get packs for the final descent - photo Steve Sellars

Steve and I put on dry clothes and ate well before we began the final descent. Going into a steep powder section, my right ski dove into the snow and unclipped. I flew forward with myself and the heavy pack. I attempted to keep my eye on where my ski dove into the snow. It was nowhere to be seen.

Steve skinned up to help me shovel as I used my probe to search the nearby area. The time ticked away. It was a horrible feeling to think of the possibility of not finding the ski.

Peter and Michelle were just coming up from their ski day. Peter stopped to search lower down and found my ski within minutes. Phew!

My guess is the ski went 20' forward under the snow from where it entered. I tumbled just abit further. The ski also went further to the opposite direction even though I thought it went in straight.

Thanks to Steve for spending a lot of energy digging with the shovel!

Spectacular views from the hut - photo Michelle Katchur Roberts

Peter skinning up - photo Michelle Katchur Roberts
Awesome shot - photo Michelle Katchur Roberts
Poor Steve had to wait a lot for me on the steep descent section to the trailhead. I tumbled a couple times with the uneven pack weight. I majorly need work on my descending!

Once we hit the lower section of x-c like trails, I was good! Double-pole most of the way back.

Awesome experience to be with this strong crowd at a challenging area. Ha, it was my first backcountry trip!!

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