Monday, September 15, 2014

Haute Route Pyrenees 2014 recap

The media for Haute Route did an awesome job producing a video each day. This one highlights the whole event. Check it out!

Epic climbs and scenery with wicked descents!!

My Haute Route blog posts
My Perspective...   make a wicked course... the rider's will come!
The days I chose to race, were much more difficult to recover from.
The days I chose to have fun at a calmer pace, I felt pretty good during the day and the next day.
All in choice...
Enjoyed Nuno's wise words in the video "It's not if you will have bad moments, it's a question of when you are going to have them... expect them and move on!". There's a learning and growth factor in these races, and it ends up really about how I can be my best in any given situation and work with others. Plus it's just a blast to rip on the descents!!

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