Saturday, February 27, 2016

Black Jack Slurpee Loppet

I chose the latter of at least three loppets this weekend between 42 km classic Cookie Race in Kananaskis, 50 km Payak skate loppet in Whistler's Callaghan Valley, and 30 km skate loppet in Rossland.

Small crowd though I was near a couple skiers most of the time. Led my group the first 10k loop of heinous long and steep climbs in 35 min. Starting the race at +3C, it was steamy hot when the sun came out.

After the first 10k loop, I saw one guy stop to remove a layer or two. I really wanted to, though slogged along in my sauna cave.

Taking a moment for food, I then followed a skier who had been behind me. I was gapped a couple times though caught up on the steeper climbs. The classic track was a smidgeon faster so I double poled when I could. 2nd loop was 40 min.

Into the 3rd loop, I threw in the towel with the conditions as they were slurpee-like. Let at least 3 skiers go just like that. Dropped the pace to where I could finish at a happy pace. No-one else passed me so likely we were all sloths in the warming conditions.

Tough conditions - great course!

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