Friday, September 12, 2008

Austrian Reunion

It was surreal to take a plane from Edmonton Tuesday evening... with two flights and a train ride later... to arrive in Maurach am Achensee, Austria by Wednesday evening. The travel seemed so quick. I was visiting with a friend I made from Tour-Transalp 2006, Andrea Sendlhofer, and her family, husband Toni and son Lukas. All the other TAs I've done since, Andrea and her family were somewhere on course cheering for my team. It was a pleasant surprise to get unexpected cheers!

Back in the early 80's, Andrea (Haase) was a World Cup skier for Austria. It was cool that she recognized Loni Kletl's name from her days as World Cup skier.

I took the bike around Lake Achensee the next afternoon on a nice easy ride in the warm sun. The bike paths are marked and this one in particular is one that goes from Germany (DE) to Austria (AT), hence, the photo of the country symbols of the Eagle (AT) and the Lion (DE) riding a tandem bike.

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