Friday, September 12, 2008

Tour-Trans-Austria Preview

Tour-Trans-Austria is a 7-day road stage race through the Austrian Alps. It is run by the same people as Tour-Transalp so no doubt the organization will be superb. An interesting change is the inclusion of individual athletes along with teams of 2.
So far, all has been good with jumping into this event at the last minute. Accommodations were a breeze to book... plane ticket was cheaper... no crowds travelling. Racing solo is the best option for me as I can go my pace and have no commitment teammate-wise (as I'm pretty good at racing until I drop!). If I really need to I can chill out and take the extra recovery necessary, especially this being my intro race back from a super long rebuild/recover time. And I will!
The weather looks to be on the colder side (4-10C) with possible rain. Brrr... though should be ok for a Cdn. I might even pack an extra few bits of clothing in a pack.
Andrea and her family are going to drive me over to the race start Sat, after some early season glacier downhill skiing in the morning. Only in Austria!

Start: Kirchberg

  • Stage 1: 14.09.08 2434m 122km Neukirchen

  • Stage 2: 15.09.08 2539m 132km Lienz

  • Stage 3: 16.09.08 2445m 115km Hermagor

  • Stage 4: 17.09.08 3664m 142km St. Michael im Lungau

  • Stage 5: 18.09.08 1432m 81km Ramsau am Dachstein

  • Stage 6: 19.09.08 1362m 77km Murau

  • Stage 7: 20.09.08 1598m 96km Velden am Wörthersee

total: 15,474 hm 764 km


Angrignon said...

Hi Marg. Great to hear from you. We are just leaving rainy Geneve after sunny Sardinia. Have a great race. I will look forward to following your race. Hope you are doing well. Cheers. Delena and Russ (Squamish)

Marg Fedyna said...

Too bad our timing didn't match up. I'm headed to Geneve (hopefully sunny) after the race. Hope you had a good time away. Thanks for the cheers. --marg