Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Provincial Cross - Brian Kullman Memorial - Calgary

Speed Theory Club put on Provincial cross champs in Calgary. The course was designed by Keith Bayley who sets trademark courses for good technical fun. (awesome photos courtesy R. Haskell)
Location was in the McKay schoolyard tucked underneath the colourful children's hospital with great views of the Edworthy Park hillside. Small but hearty turn-out for a spectacular warm autumn day. The winds made sure to pick up just in time for the Women's start.
Two dismounts for most riders that couldn't power up a hugely steep incline and the other was a long staircase. I was able to attack the stairs 2-steps/1-step. The height-advantaged men racers went 2x2 impressively fast. After a few swooping sections, the sandpit was all of 5 feet in length at the base of an off-camber steep descent. Easy to plough thru.
It was impressive to watch the men power up the steep incline cleanly, or battle each other when they toppled over each other!
Off the start (I am still shocked at how fast we go) I attempted to hang onto cross specialist Pepper's wheel for all of 400m(?). Fortunately, all the corners were wide and swooping so passing wasn't a concern.
I was breathing so hard thinking it must be due to my two past sleepless nights spending time with my cat recovering from surgery (kept bumping into the walls with the conehead!). I could see Shantel and Bridget very close behind and realized we all had similar positions from races past.

After two breathless loops, I chilled at a pace I could breathe and work the technical sections well. Once thru the long grassy straight sections, it was a fun fun course with full-on action!

nice legs shot! photo - R. Haskell

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