Thursday, December 03, 2009

With Blinding Speed and NO FEAR!!

I was fortunate to be invited to see Viviane Forest speak at a WFG engagement Monday evening (thanks Deb!).
Guide Lindsay Debou & Amazing Ski Racer Viviane Forest
Viviane has 4% vision and will be on the 2010 Canadian Paralympic team for downhill ski racing. Not to be only wowed by this dynamic woman skiing at blazing speeds of 120 km/hour but by her competitive drive to be the best she can be.
It was heartfelt to hear Viviane speak how she did not see her vision as an impairment and really thought it was normal as she was born like that. She spoke more of her drive and determination to be involved with something competitive. She loves to "go hard" and "fast"! Hmmm... sounds familar!

Viviane, like most high-level athletes these days, lack the funding to fuel their commitment to race for Canada. I got to hear her speak for free. It was definitely a super motivational talk for all guests there and worthy of any Company to take her on as a motivational partner. Check out Viviane's website and watch her skiing video.

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Dallas said...

Wow. some humans are truely amazing... )