Saturday, August 28, 2010

Darkhorse at Ironman Canada

For the past two summers, I've been on awesome training rides with Scott Neyedli from Scotland while we were both in Kelowna. I'm rooting for him in the Penticton Ironman tomorrow August 29!
Lean & super nice Scott in black riding with Evano (L) and James (R) on an epic ride on the backroads of Penticton - I took the photo while riding!
Talk about darkhorse... Scott came a close 2nd in the 2009 West Australia and 2010 Australia Ironmans and didn't even get mentioned in the 2010 Penticton Ironman preview.

I have Edmonton cheers going to Paul Tichelaar if he is over his injury and decides to race. All the best to Edmonton friends Mark Woodhouse and Gary Eggan in their pursuit for sub-10 hours!

Myself, I chose to opt out of Alberta Provincial mountain bike champs this weekend with the smart decision of healing fully! I'm healing up my body with amazing work by manual physiotherapist out in Kamloops Claudia Scrivener. With the cranial sacral work on my face, my fractures from June are settling where they need to be. After each treatment, I am wowed how the skull can be manipulated and shifted. Way better then getting surgery!

I saw Claudia reduce the Smurf-size swelling in my finger ligament in front of my eyes, just by pressure and manipulation. I'd recommend her and will definitely see her if needed in the future. Wish I knew about her months earlier...

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