Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Race Across America

Keep posted on Leah Goldstein's progress at 2011 RAAM going on right now! She's 8 1/2 days in and only 1000 km away from the finish!! Leah is holding an 11.45 mph average right now. The women's record average speed is 13.23 back in 1995 by Seana Hogan. Velonews Jun 19th

2011 RAAM route with 2,990 miles from coast to coast (4810 km)

Team Physical Culture at the 1999 Hewlett Packard Women's Challenge 12-day Stage Race in Boise, Idaho.... Leah Goldstein, Gina Grain, Karen Timewell, Stacey Peters, Marg Fedyna

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