Thursday, June 09, 2011

Riding Bamboo

The new Bamboo bike in the household!

Such a sweet looking frame, and more-so in person. The bamboo is held together at the lugs with carbon fibre taping. What makes it so cool looking is where the bamboo nodules jut out a little then taper back in very smoothly. Apparently, bamboo is as strong as steel!

ERTC group riders oogling the Bamboo bike

I acquired a cool new Bamboo bike in my household through my recent couchsurfer turned roomie for a few weeks for her summer internship.

I showed up on the Saturday morning ERTC group ride on the cool Bamboo bike and the comments were hilarious. Fortunately, Caylie was with me and we swapped bikes before we left for the ride. The bamboo bike is a sweet singlespeed setup with coaster brakes.

Caylie's boyfriend Justin (<-- link to great article) is one of the originators of forming Bamboo Bike Studio. Check out this cool racing bike photo.

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