Friday, July 08, 2011

Sinister 7 Try-outs!

Sinister 7 Ultra & Relay in the Crowsnest Pass
After Furious 3 ended Sunday night, I drove 50 minutes east to the Crowsnest Pass to visit my super duper bud Lory Mangion who used to live in Edmonton. Lory is venturing to bring amazing artists together via an online website. Her awesome pottery will be showcased as well. I'm proud to showcase her current epic pieces as well as a few originals (the learning pieces!).
Lory, Susan, local Kathy & puppy Kimo
Lory is excited to be racing Leg 6 of the Sinister 7 trail running race this weekend. Actually, excited is synonymous with "a little scared" as Lory found out her leg will start around 2 a.m.!

No worries there... I set her up with my blazing Lupine Betty headlamp... only 1750 lumens to light her path... and everyone else's! (A basic Petzl is about 40 lumens!)

On Monday, Lory arranged for me to join herself and two runners to check out their Leg 6. I set up the light for Lory to test out. What are the chances that one of the runners Susan had been University roomies with my friend Rhonda... with Rhonda and her partner Rick visiting her just that weekend... totally small world!

Unlike Furious 3, Sinister 7 had awesome race profiles for each leg. On paper, Leg 6 looked pretty easy. When we ran it, I was amazed how rough the trails were, much more like adventure racing. Lots of mud, creeks and run off to go through. I'm glad Lory was taking the powerful Lupine on her night run as the path was pretty treacherous on the steep descents when we ran it in daylight.

awesome mountain views on Sinister-7 Leg 6
 Kathy had raced Leg 6 numerous times before and gave awesome pointers along our pre-run. It was pretty cool to get to run with these gals today!
LORY!     Susan      Marg
Scouting the leg before the race boosted Lory and Susan's confidence for race night tomorrow. I look forward to hearing their race reports!


Unknown said...

I'm running Leg 6 in the Sinister7 this July - thanks for a bit of a heads up for what to expect! Unfortunately my first time running it will be in the dark...I envy your friend her daylight scouting run!

Marg Fedyna said...

Awesome, hope it goes well for you. Lory enjoyed it enough her first time to race a leg at Sinister 7 again this year. Get a good headlamp and be relaxed and light-footed!