Friday, August 19, 2011

Taking the Haute Route from Geneva to Nice!

The organizers for the European road stage races design the craziest most difficult courses with the majority of the racers being "hobby riders" or recreational athletes. Thanks to ERTC clubmate Aaron Falkenburg for bringing the event Haute Route 7-day to my attention, I was hooked and wanted to go into this Gran Fondo like stage race in its inaugural year. It's just what I needed... something new, different, and exceptionally challenging!

Tour de France followers will know these climbs way better than me, a non-Tour follower. So, I don't really know what I'm getting into... other than I've ridden my bike in the Austrian/Italian/Swiss Alps and Dolomites.

730 km in 7 days going up over 17,000 metres elevation gain through 15 Cols -- Epic!!

Within less than a week, I booked my flight, contacted the organizers for an entry in exchange for media exposure (thanks to Jim & Elsa), and worked my butt off to keep my work on schedule while I was to be away. Pretty stressful with minimal time... plane time was welcome!

After many couchsurfing requests, I managed to find an awesome spot with Vincent in his house near the airport...  with a wicked garden!  After a couple late departing flights, my bike bag didn't make my last flight to Geneva. Lucky enough it arrived the next day after I had time to chill and get organized.

Keep posted for the racing days and scenic Cols to come...
the commuter I used while I awaited my bike's arrival - thankfully!

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