Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Col du Granon Time Trial

I warmed up and down the tiny steep village streets to get my heart ready for a max effort. Reminded me of racing at home. Typical TT start with every rider going 30 seconds apart. The first 500m was pancake flat then climbed steeply through the first village at 10-12%. I started out big chain ring and had a good start almost coming very close to my 30 sec guy in front before the steep grade.

Once past the 12% section, I climbed well at 9% up the switchbacks slowly gaining on two guys in front. Hearing breathing behind me had me go a little quicker until a very strong French masters rider came by fast. He urged me on.
race photo - more photos to come from new friends....
I kept a pace where my heartrate was consistent though working hard. I kept on the lookout for any diminishing grade though there was alot of 12% and a few 15% pitches. The road was very much in the open on the side of the mountain. The views were outstanding and we were as high as the mountain peaks on the other side of the valley. Whenever my gps showed 7% I thought it was taunting me as the grade felt steep.

Finally seeing the 1 km to go sign, I did my best to go harder. The grade never let up and the twists and turns gave no sign of the finish. I was hurting with 500m to go and was happy to finish sub 1 hour!

I'm not much into raving about results. Even though I didn't crack the top 3 mixed women's times (close by about a minute), I was happy to get the top Solo women's time.

Tomorrow, is another hard day like day 3, tough to even consider! Three climbs and only 2800m...

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Deb said...

Congrats Marg! keep it up, you're doing great. rooting for you