Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Start of AT Gear... BOOTS!

Scarpa Diva was the boot model I used when I slogged up Sunshine with Jeff. I was wearing two thick pairs of socks and the boots felt ok though my heel was moving with every foot motion. I ended up with a wicked blister only 1/2 way into the climb. I had to grin and bare it the rest of the way. Took my mind off Jeff's fast pace! 
Scarpa Diva size 23.5 (weight of 25.0 is 1525g) 
For the Vert180 race, I was lucky to get a brand new boot rental at the Calgary Outdoor Centre, the Scarpa Gea. I was impressed how size 22.5, with only a thin liner sock on, felt superbly and molded nicely to my feet as the event went on. The colour was pretty cool, too.
Scarpa Gea size 22.5 (weight of 25.0 is 1360g) 
Thanks to a tip-off from Jeff, he spotted a 36-hour blow-out sale from a store in Spain which actually had my size. The super bonus was it was a high-end boot! I took a chance and ordered a 23.0. Two weeks after placing my order, I received the boots Friday night by DHL. I chuckled when I was handed over a big packaged box that was shockingly weightless. I smiled when the cute little 23.0 boots fit perfectly!!
My Dynafit dy.n.a size 23.0 boots at a mere 782 grams!!
The Dy.n.a.'s are twice as light as the first boots I used going up Sunshine! I look forward to trying them out over the holidays. I'm glad I got to experience the two different boot models before acquiring my own. I have a total appreciation for the effort necessary with heavier gear.

Out of curiosity, I weighed my Salomon carbon x-c ski boots: skate - 518 g, classic - 384 g

Now on to the rest of the gear....

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