Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Opportunity Spectating IMC

Last year of the Ironman Canada as the race is handed over to Challenge Penticton. All the same for me, the spectator.
Paddling out to see the IM swimmers
Greg looking for his wife Naomi amongst the pod of swimmers
Docked my surfski, jumped on my road bike. Rode to the end of Green Mountain Road where it intersects Hwy 3A, but not before taking a detour to ride up Apex Mountain road (13.5km, 3100', just under an hour). Improved to 58:00 and 55:45 on my next attempts.

Met up with Michelle, Tiffany & Aaron looking down towards Keremeos for Kyle.
Super hard to find a specific rider to cheer.
Would help to have binoculars to see their race number from afar.

Michelle running beside Kyle up the climb to Yellow Lake

My visit with Sandy and Gary at multiple IMCs!

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