Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kettle Valley Railway - Myra Canyon

2nd trip on KVR, I took in a leisure ride on the Myra Canyon section with my friend Dorothy. Set her up with my Scott while I rode my Ridley X-Fire, and got opp to get photos which I missed on my 1st trip.

1st trip back July 15, was a distance mtnbike ride with 6 Kelowna riders, the day after I arrived. Even though it was excruciating to put my sore foot into a shoe let alone ride, I didn't know what was wrong with my toe yet... and this ride was worth it.

view of city of Kelowna in the distance by Lake Okanagan 
We mtnbiked up McCulloch (stopping to pick saskatoon berries) to the end and turned back on the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) which is the old railway bed (4-hr ish round trip). KVR is pretty much a slightly descending gravel road with minimal scenery as it tucks into the trees, not overly exciting.

2nd trip thru KVR end of August
When we rounded the corner many miles in, I was WOW-ed by the views. We just hit the Myra Canyon section with 18 train trestles. Definitely not scary like the trestles in Costa Rica though pretty cool. Most of them were rebuilt after the huge forest fire in 2003.

Dorothy in the distance on a trestle in Myra Canyon

The mtnbike ride finished down the wicked trail Angel Springs in Crawford. Yikes- technical!! At least I had that ride as a memory as I began on my toe healing journey.

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