Saturday, September 01, 2012

Smith Creek Trails - just awesome!

For some reason I never made it to these trails the last few years until recently. For my 1st trek up, Aaron and Tiffany from Edmonton joined me. Once we clued in to the green dots painted on the trees as the trail markers, we climbed up a reasonably graded switchback trail.

View of Westbank 1/3 way up Smith Cr trails
I bumped into a couple local riders, Steve and his buddy Dom. They lead me up to the top 11-km in while Tiff & Aaron turned around.

At the top, the trail wound into the descent which looked menacing as I viewed it from the climb. There were huge ladders and jumps all over. Each stunt had an out to quickly go around it. I kept telling myself to "look away" real quick as the trail would guide the rider onto the jumps & ladder.

Near the bottom, the 4-km descent finished with a huge swoopy section. About 1 hour up and minutes down! Well, I'm still in the double digits.

High fives to the trail makers!
And the signs that advise for no motorized vehicles i.e. dirt bikes.

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