Monday, May 20, 2013

Prospector Trail Exploring - Exshaw

Checked out a new trail for me called Prospector out in Exshaw (15 km east of Canmore) with a bunch of the Deadgoats and a few Calgary Canoe Club paddlers and mechanic Janet Liu.

Amazing Rocky Mountain views

crazy fun trail - photo Deadgoat Steve Walsh
Riding this trail got me more enthused to get out on my mountain bike more. I'm a roadie at heart though trails like this one certainly puts that permanent grin on the face for awhile! fun fun fun

Deadgoat Henry Yau zooming down the Canadian slick rock

Marg focused on the ladder - photo Deadgoat Craig Marshall
Following a good technical rider will have me ride scary sections I would probably have balked on. I was following ice-paddler Barney McIlhargey on his full suspension when we approached another ladder. There was an easy turn off to the left.

I was already on Barney's line when I saw him take a huge drop-off from the ladder. I was committed and made it cleanly on my hardtail! Then I hear Linda whoop behind me as she followed me as closely as I followed Barney, so she was committed too!

Deadgoat Linda Green cruising through the forest - photo Deadgoat Craig
Trail starts with a good climbing effort interspersed with flowy fun sections. Not a super long trail, though opportunity to ride a few loops in a beautiful area.

Deadgoat Steve ace-ing the rocky ridge

Check out this link for AMAZING photography of this trail!

Deadgoat ride debrief - photo ice-paddler Candace Mihalcheon

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