Sunday, May 26, 2013

Legacy Trail & Banff Road Climbs

Mission - ride the climbs around Banff

From Canmore, took the Legacy Trail bike-path towards Banff (first time on it, fun and rolly). Good timing to have a fast guy just fly by as I started so I jumped on his wheel as he hauled strongly into the headwind. He finally noticed me hanging onto his wheel and remembered me from epic Transrockies 2004 (a crash does that!). Cool to chat with him (Greg Stevenson) and ride to Minnewanka and back.

I then rode solo up Tunnel Mountain road, back behind Banff Arts Centre, up/down Sulphur Mountain road, up/down Norquay, along Vermillion Lakes road, back onto bike-path, onto Hwy 1 for 2-km to Sunshine turnoff. 

Went out/back 8-km one way to Sunshine gondola base - fun fun fun - as almost 1000' of climbing to the base, flew back to Hwy 1, headed 2-km to Hwy 1A turnoff, up and around the road split, stopped to fill a bottle with spring water (right at the fork at 3-km), back along the bike-path with a tailwind to Canmore - phew!

GPS battery died on-route, guesstimate mileage was over 135-km and 5,300' elevation gain. Super nice day, especially the tailwind back!

The Legacy Trail from Canmore to Banff is great! Way nicer than riding on the highway. Awesome to see so many riders/inline skaters/walkers/runners using the trail.

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