Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Giver8er a few hours

Even though the forecasts all called for the rains to come, I was hoping different. Pretty amazing that I entered the event knowing those facts. Something about mud riding...

The first 2 hours were pretty nice. A drizzle was happening and all was good. Then the drops got bigger into the 3rd hour. Pretty amazed how the track changed from hard-packed to greasy goopy-ness within half an hour.
Excited for another muddy loop!

Going down one fast steep descent had the bike sliding sideways, so I bailed onto the grass and saved it. Not so much fun when even the open roadie sections were sloggish.

I had new tires on though the mud embedded between the knobs and made them like slick tires. A little concerned the mud wouldn't shed on the descent, though it eventually did.

After 4 loops, I paused for a food break. I was optimistic the rains were done, that within another hour the tracks would be rideable again. I was prepared to spray-wash the bike and head back in. 

Then the down-pour came. Hardcore mtnbikers stated it was dangerous out there. So, race was called early prior to 6 hours. Still a fun race!

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