Monday, July 29, 2013

Frisby Ridge including Ultimate Frisby!

Later in the afternoon after the Kicking Horse Cup road race, 
I checked out CBT trail starting from the single lane bridge... 
pretty fun trail up & down - Golden

Next day, epic ride in Revie... to Frisby Ridge

Starting from town, west Hwy 1 to Hwy 23N to FSR...
9.3 km, 140m elevation, 27 min

Gravel forestry road to Frisby Ridge trailhead...
9.4 km, 768m elevation, 1 hour

Frisby Ridge trail to highpoint - 10.6 km, 734m elevation, 1:14 hr
A very rider friendly trail suitable for new mountain bikers

Super flowy descent, riding down (or ripping!) was way more fun than I thought it would be -  10.7 km, 35 min

Followed the gravel road down two switchbacks 4.7 km, and around the corner another 100m to the Ultimate Frisby Downhill trailhead

The 3 guys on downhill bikes did not question me attempting this trail with my hardtail!

I could almost keep up to their dog...until, I hit a few longggg steep pitches where I walked due more to sketchy loose sand/dirt.

I was riding fine until I decided to bail, with the bike unexpectedly rebounding back at me... pedal to shin - hard, bar to ribs - hard.

Hurt, though knew it could have been worse. Scraped the rest of the way down. Saw two of the guys and the dog waiting for their buddy to return with the truck.

If the GPS clocked it right, this descent was only 2.5 km with a 577 metre drop in elevation! - STEEP

Rode back into town with a slight descent and a tailwind

Epic! well-rounded ride
4:10 hr, 54 km
1990m total elevation gain

Wildflowers - OUTSTANDING!
reminder - horseflies, big as birds and majorly annoying

back in Revie for Jan's birthday with home-made cakes!

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