Friday, July 12, 2013

Western Painted Turtle Crossing

Whenever I ride 'round the lake loop of Okanagan Lake via the floating bridge (143 km, 1945m elevation), I have wondered about the "Turtle Crossing" signs on Commonage Road south of Vernon.
Road ride with Mark Woodhouse taking my Turtle Crossing photo

As I was cruising on a descent past the sign, I saw my first turtle crossing the road! Seeing a semi coming the other way, I thought best to double back as the turtle was headed for a 2' barrier.
photo from 'net

Put my bike down, and had to chase down the turtle until he allowed me to pick him up. Probably 8" shell. I quickly put him on the other side of the barrier so he could head off to the pond.

It was a cool feeling to help the little guy!

Found out it was a Western Painted Turtle. Thanks to Lia Brown (UBCO Middle School education, and artist) who instigated driver awareness by putting up her own printed flags after she investigated the history of the Turtle Crossing at Commonage Road next to Rose's Pond, Vernon BC for her final research (GRIP) project in teacher education.

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