Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Haute Route - Recovery Days in Geneva

Took the Saturday night luxury bus the race provided back to Geneva. Mary whisked me away Sunday morning to the Market.

Greens! at the Geneva Market.
Surprised heartier greens like Kale not found.
My bounty of Miel - amazing flavours from different blossoms.
Acacia, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Chatagnier (chestnut), Forest, Sunflower (yum)...
I scooped even more in Spain... Bosque, Tomillo, Castano, Azahar

Later, a short drive to Dominques' farmhouse in France for an afternoon party. One of the older guests was the uncle to the wife of David Millar! The stories! I ate and ate and ate :)

Mary, Nigel with the cool shirt, Marg
I did partake in gelato outings :)

Lured to ride up Le Saleve with the views of Geneva and the fountain in the Lake.
1000m elevation gain to ride a short 44 km loop from town.
Winged navigating the crooked roads and managed to find my way

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