Sunday, September 22, 2013

From Alpine Climbs to Cyclocross!

Less than 1 week home from the incredible Haute Route Alps & Pyrenees races, it was hard to pass up the local cyclocross races.

Saturday Sep 14
After helping ERTC with course prep Friday afternoon with power raking from all the fresh weed-whacking, I arrived to the School of Cross Sat morning a little under-the-weather. I picked up my race number with 1 min to spare to registration cut-off time.

Marg hovering 2nd line on photo left - photo Brent Topilko
Nice to see a good group of women on the start line. At the gun, I chose to linger and not charge for a top spot. Worse fear was having to drop out with not feeling great.

Nice off camber tight swooping corner descent - photo Brent Topilko
All crappiness soon forgotten once I got into a good pace. It was a nice weather day, awesome course, and I managed to claw my way back a few spots. It was fun to duke it out with Shawna Donaldson!

Sunday Sept 15
Next day, Redbike put on Redcross race with similar course, reverse direction. Where the course was intense and choppy the prior day, it was now flowy, fast and tough to shake riders.

From the start, I chose to go hard as the first bit was flat. This course had the field closely knit together.
A racer with a different kind of slamdown.
Nice shadow! - photo Shantel Koenig
The wind was super strong with the tape and pegs viciously blown inwards. Into the 2nd loop on a slight fast descent, I was wary of the tape though it inevitably managed to grab my handlebar and slam me down quick. I tumbled forward. Fortunately unscathed, I got back on after at least 4 women passed by.

Awesome old brown truck podium -
Marg Pepper Chantel Andrea Shantel, placing 5-2-1-3-4
Had a nice effort regaining position and keeping just in front of Lesley Baldwin who is getting stronger each race.

Meanwhile, local Tuesday night cross races put on by United Cycle have been great. Different course set up each week with A, B & C categories. Only $5, need to be an ABA cycling club member to ride.

Saturday Sept 21
Took a whirlwind day flight to Kelowna from Edmonton for a fun family-like get-together. Since travelpoint flights are never available to get to races, gotta use them for fun trips.
Young bear showed up for the birthday party in Kelowna

Had an evening flight to Calgary where I got to meet Lily-Goat and stay at Deadgoat Linda's. Linda was also racing in the Drie Zussen Cross race in Canmore on Sunday.

Sunday Sept 22
Very cool course in a super scenic venue in Canmore

Nice stair action with Lesley Baldwin, Shawna Donaldson
 and Marg Fedyna - photo R. Haskell
More awesome shotz of the women's race showing the technical finesse of the top riders!

Thanks to ERTC 'mate Martin Tolton for getting my bike to Canmore via motorhome, and a lift home. Lucky guy along with his two sons, got to gather spring water with me! - photo R. Haskell

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