Thursday, September 05, 2013

Haute Route Pyrenees - Day 5 ITT Hautacam

Day 5 - Argeles-Gazost to Hautacam, 16 km, 1088m+, 0m-

Summary - Awesome view 4 km from the top, not the most epic climb, challenging with interspersed 12-15% grades just like the climb to Apex (ski hill out of Penticton, BC). 

Even though the finish pic looks like I'm working it,
didn't have the superwoman powers today

I did not have one of those "leave it all out there" races which feel great after recovering from hanging over the bike at the end.

Most fun, was playing in the waterpark at the camp ground!  :)

Very nice to sleep in today! All other mornings had a 7:30 am start or earlier. My slotted start time (slowest to quickest GC) was 10:49 a.m., yay. Put in a short warmup on a few climbs in town. Super excited to see where the organic market was located to head to later.

Oldest racer Francois Le Maut, 70, out of the start
 - photo

After the release from the starting ramp, the actual time did not start until 2.7 km into the climb to get the racers out of traffic safely. I did a few fartlek efforts on-route.


My roomie caught my photo on her descent
after her TT
- photo Caroline Guest

Marina did not show up to the TT, not sure why. Laetitia started 40 seconds ahead of me, and my earlier prediction was the TT would be a duel between Marina and Laetitia.

Racers cheering after their race - photo

I did what I could, though did not have my normal racing zip feel. Despite that, it was alot of fun to get a bunch of extra cheers with having the Leader's jersey on. Especially a ton of cheers from Stacie Hall (Iron Woman) that had me crank up the speed for abit!

Post-race, into the pools with the Leader's Jersey on! 
for now anyway

Road Statue - photo

2 km from the top, had to maneuver through horses standing solid on the road like statues. I smiled. A flock of sheep on the hill around the corner.
Otherwise, the scenery really hit me at 4 km to go and it looked oh so Canadian Rockies-like.

Cool shot as I was riding up to the centre for dinner

Looks like Laetitia and I will have fun deciding who stays in red in the last two stages, as well with Marianne and Valerie for 3rd.

Not a bad place to be after 5 stages!

Found out Marina was sick with stomach troubles. She may yet ride one or two of the last days.

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Ruud van Dijk said...

it's yours to lose now! have fun!

Jet said...

Nice looking campground!

Marg Fedyna said...

Ruud, I had no idea how to use your comment other than to switch it to "mine to keep" and "have fun"! Thanks for following.

Marg Fedyna said...

I had the best two nights sleep at the cabin at the campground, so super quiet, plus the benefits of the pools. Name of the place was Camping Sunêlia Les Trois Vallées in Argelès-Gazost. Close access to Hautacam climb.