Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fernie Spring Water

The directions for Fernie Spring on were a little sketchy.

Found this image on the 'net for Fernie Spring Water
and knew I wanted to find the location!
On my drive from Elko, BC towards Fernie, I kept my eyes peeled on the left hand side of the road. Just after the short tunnel through the mountain, there it was at the Rest Stop with a Parks-type animal-proof trash bin.

Love the similarities between the two photos almost 6 years later
Water is outstanding, crisp and cold! 

My guestimate the location was at least 10 km past Elko, for sure past the tunnel through the mountain.

I clocked the mileage towards the Fernie Ski Resort turnoff, it was 11.8 km. A sign to look for travelling from Fernie would be for "Trit Trot Farms" or Morrissey Road. The spring and Rest Stop is about 3 km after on the right hand side of the road (west).

Best water EVER!!


Christie Sorochan said...

Thank you! Going to look for this in a few weeks!

Marg Fedyna said...

Awesome to hear you will be checking it out. Are there any springs closer by in your area? Always like to keep more options in my travels!