Saturday, February 01, 2014

Lonely Herringbone Loppet

Similar temps and conditions to the last couple times I've done this event. A little sun, a little wind, -10C start temp. Despite the warm temp, I learned to wear mitts for this event and to dress warmer with the balaclava on.
Marg (in navy) and Joy (in red tiger suit) heading down to the riverside start - photo Vermilion paper

The course is mostly shaded and along the riverbank so stays cool. I could feel the windchill and was happy wearing the gear.

Waxing was easy. The tracks were a little abrasive though snowy not icy. I had on a super thin klister base binder covered with many layers of VR45 to VR55. Anything works here as it is mostly double pole or HERRINGBONE - lots of it!

Joy Mekechuk, Wieske Eikelenboom, Marg

This year, the hillclimb was included at the finish of each 10 km loop. The trail at the top then reconnected to the course with a nice descending merge. After the first loop,  the skiers I was with peeled off at the finish line as they were only racing 1 loop 10 km.

Loop 2 was super lonely with me wondering where everyone was.

Loop 3, I started passing slower skiers. With 2 km to go to the finish, a young guy from the Vikings came roaring by with a strong double pole.
fun photo with Miles sneaking in
After I finished the last climb, Wietske and Joy came in soon after. I could not even tell anyone was behind me. Time 1:58:41 a smidgeon quicker than last year, though 6 min off the Helge/Jeff year!

Fun trails and moments of tucking and enjoying. Only two scary step turn corners. The herringbone climbs got tougher each loop!

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