Saturday, June 14, 2014

Edmonton Raw Vegan Potluck - Coconut Opening Demo

Whenever I am in town, I'll make my way to the monthly Raw Food Potluck. Opportunity to taste the most amazing dishes people bring, and trade recipes. Just a good crowd of people to hang out with!

The most recent Raw Food potluck combined with the Vegan Potluck crowd and was held at Riverdale Park outdoors.
Samples of shredded coconut fresh from the dehydrator hours earlier, complete with all its oil (unlike commercial coconut flakes). And chunks of coconut meat from the dark coconut
(L to R) - photo Keltie Barbutza

As I am a frequent user of coconuts, I gave a coconut opening demonstration.

Great video by John Kohler, king of coconut knowledge. I used his technique shown at 12-13 min mark, and succeeded on my first attempt.

Made Cacao Vanilla Smoothies with my Vitamix plugged in to a few super long extension cords to the Community Centre, hence the parking lot view for the demo.

Three coconuts in various stages of life... the dark brown mature hairy coconut, a not-as-old paler coloured coconut and the super sweet and tasty Thai Young Coconut (L to R) - photo Keltie Barbutza
Would not do without the Coconut Tool to remove the thick meat from the dark brown coconut
Best spot to purchase Young Coconuts in Edmonton is at any of the Asian markets, like Lucky 97, where the turn-over is quick. Never know how long it's been since the coconuts were plucked off the tree and made their boat travel over from Thailand.

Another option is to purchase frozen coconut water and meat at Earth's General Store. The coconut water and meat is removed in Thailand before shipping, and is organic!

I gave a demo using the CocoCut Tool from Australia for opening Young Coconuts without a knife. My knife technique went so smoothly that there was little interest in this "workout" tool! I thought this tool would be awesome though took way too much effort.

Potlucks are open to all. For more information on the Raw Food Potluck, email
Check for more info on the Vegan Potlucks.

Smoothie demo I did at Pedalhead Roadworks on Whyte Ave
while Guri the owner was building a bike

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