Sunday, June 22, 2014

Road Bike Hill Climbs in Jasper

Wanting a hill climb weekend, I took a spontaneous trip out to Hinton only 3 hours away. Nice to have the company of fellow ERTC-er Graham Watts. Gotta lure more club riders out!

Rode from Hinton into Jasper National Park up the road to Miette Hot Springs and back. Might have been my first time ever to Miette, and bummer to not stop for a dip in the hot springs.

Wow, the scenery up Miette road was more beautiful than I expected. Midway up the climb, it was amazing to view the Ashlar Ridge the rest of the way. The road climb is 17 km to the top, in two sections with a one dip in a valley in the middle.

Photo from - view of Ashlar Ridge from top of Sulphur Skyline Trail
Had a mom bear and cub sighting, and easily rode by. Ride to/from Hinton seemingly flat though rolling ascent/descent with winds favourable on the return.

Round trip 98 km, 3:30 hr, 4100' elevation gain

Next day, started out from Jasper town-site in the early cool morning 6C. Took a warm-up hill climb up Pyramid Road, a 17-km return to the car to toss off a few layers.

looks like a Pyramid
Out Hwy 93 South, the next climb was warm up Whistlers Road to the gondola base. Only 4 km though super steep with a lot of 14% grade! Great descent. Temps now getting nice in the 20'sC

Graham with Jasper the Bear at the gondola base

Continuing on Hwy 93, turned onto Hwy 93A. I thought the road would be flat as it just paralleled Hwy 93. It climbed big to the turnoff to Marmot Basin Rd.

Marmot was a huge wide open road, without traffic, not overly exciting. Almost cresting to the ski hill base, a young black bear was happily eating near the side of the road. I was bummed to turn around only 100m elevation from the top.

2nd last corner before the top, thought the bear might love the opportunity to chase a couple cyclists for fun. - photo Graham Watts

Continuing South on Hwy 93A, only a couple km to Mt. Edith Cavell Rd. Fresh smooth pavement, narrow twisting road sheltered by trees, grading around 7%, and the most amazing view of 11,033' Mount Edith Cavell in the distance as well as the turquoise coloured Cavell Lake.

My favourite climb of the weekend! 14-km one way. Back towards Jasper on Hwy 93A was fast!

Trailhead at the base of Mount Edith Cavell

Round trip, 95-km, 3:50 hr, 5730' elevation gain


Aaron Falkenberg said...

I love that profile!!!!!

gnicholson said...

I need to book a weekend in Jasper. Going to use this post as my itinerary!

Marg Fedyna said...

Hey, keep posted when you do go. Would be fun with a few riders! On a hot day, would need a water stop which there is none. I'd suggest taking a spare bottle in a back pocket and dropping it off at the base of one the big climbs.