Sunday, November 16, 2014

Great Reports from Taiwan KOM Challenge 2014

The scenery is outstanding!!
Awesome recap video of the race in action… well, mostly the men's race… exciting to see eventual winner John Ebsen make his move on the 27% grade! 

Link to my post-race CBCradio interview with Doug Dirks, where I bumbled through and forgot to mention "raw food"!! and green juice...   

My race report in Pedalmag

Press Conference with Lee Rodgers - photo Changmin Park
First race report out by Lee Rodgers, Director of Communications for the event

Aaron tasting his 1st Persimmons I bought from a street vendor
Articles: by Eurosport-Australia writer Aaron S. Lee:
Cdn Marg Fedyna Wins Taiwan KOM, Will Routley Finishes 15th
Awesome article focusing on the women:
Queens Rule Atop Taiwan KOM Challenge

Chris bravely trying "stinky tofu" in the streets of Shuishe
Descriptive account from 14th spot by Velonews journalist Chris Case: Case Suffering Taiwan

Dave & Marg could not resist hugging the Bear at Press Conference
Coverage (report and video) from Cycle Tips journalist Dave Everett: The Definition of  Epic Tackling a Rain Soaked Taiwan KOM Challenge

Pre-race Video by Dave Everett
I enjoy Dave’s humour... comment to Nicole Cooke (World/Olympic Road Champ) and Tiffany Cromwell (5th Road Worlds this year)... "both of you got not bad results"! Love Nicole’s response at the end talking about compact crank.

The coverage Dave shows while racing is cool, to see how wet and cold, and steep it was. How Tiffany talks about the crash is admirable. Seeing Jo riding was great! I'm bug-eyed in the video, learning not to do next time!

Jo waiting at a light with the many scooters
Peloton Pillow Talk video with Jo with Dave Everett
- 2 min in, shows the wicked Taiwan scenery on a ride the first day we were there… and my climbing style which I have never seen on video. It feels smoother than it looks. 
- 3:40 Pre-race, Jo mentions my raw food and being a dark horse... so very cool coming from a competitor friend!
The crash about to happen... photo Danial Hakim/Taiwan Cyclist Federation
Jo and Tiff are directly behind the fallen rider. The men's winner Ebsen is right in front of the crash. Front of peloton is usually considered safest!

Day after the race, we all went riding in the countryside by Taipei

One of my favourite photos of the "engaging conversations" eight cycle jounalists and photographers had during dinners!

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