Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour de l'Alberta

After a nice long ride with my cycling group on a crazy hot 32C Saturday, I decided to go into the Tour de l'Alberta the following day. This Tour is 180 km travelling north of Edmonton thru the small French community towns. It's not a race though eventually groups form and ride together. I was hoping to get into a fast group for a decent workout. A group of 6 guys in yellow motorola jerseys jumped to the front. I followed and it was pretty fun working with them. We stopped a few times to get food/water from the feedzones in the towns.

Matt Decore, a strong mountain bike racer, hooked up with our group. At one of the only two hill sections the entire loop, Matt went hard and I jumped as well like a dog chasing down a frisbee! Soon, it was just Matt and myself headed together to the finish. The winds were against us going west. It helped to take turns pulling. We talked about racing future team races together as we had good teamwork pulling to the end.

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