Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watermelon Smoothie!

Anywhere I have travelled these last few months, my hosts have been my guinea pigs for my Green Smoothie concoctions that I've been making with my VitaMix. It's cool to see everyone open to trying the green drinks. My best testers were Jacquie's kids who were just as excited to put the high-speed blender on to mix the smoothie as well as to clean it!

hamming it up with the miniature hamsters

Tonight, after a wicked Tuesday night cycling interval session with my bike club ERTC, I made a recovery drink out of my seeded organic watermelon. She was all of 19 lbs and made for a great work-out carrying it from the store.

Nick, my Greek roomie, was my tester and we loved the blended drink which included the white pulp and the seeds all meshed in together. It would be even more super tasty frozen. Ummm!

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