Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hot! Cross Season

Probably our hottest days of the year this past weekend for our cyclocross race. Sat at School of Cross, the temp was only 19C at the start so not within the limits for a feedzone. Sunday, for the Hop & Hurl Cross, temp was already 22C and climbing to 26C so we were allowed a feedzone. Same course, just in reverse direction with a few minor changes.

School of Cross, Marg being chased by Calgary racers Caeli Barron and Sarah Tomassini - photo Andrew Barron
It was the first time I`ve been "allowed" a feedzone in a cyclocross race. Previous years races usually have been pretty cool temps (knee warmers/arm warmers) and the races are short 40-50 minutes so no real need to feed. The feed had to be in the designated zone area. It worked out quite simple to ride into the zone, grab a bottle, sip, toss and exit the zone within 25 feet, losing no time at all and the sip was refreshing. Thanks to Tim for passing me water!

In the first loop of Sat's race, my bike and I had three entanglements with the yellow tape, then faired well the rest of the race. Sun race, all went well except for one misjudged remount on the bike after the sandpit. I overshot my landing... ouch, nice bike tire track burned into my thigh as the shorts moved up landing on the moving rear tire! The crowd "oohhed"! Next loop at that spot, I had an awesome remount with extra cheers from that same crowd knowing what had happened the previous lap.

Running through the double sandpit, easiest for me to grab the bike under the small toptube and run freely. I'm height-challenged to just lift the frame up high off the ground. Small-person Technique!! Bummer with the saddle hitting my helmet! - photo Gordon Brenner
Lead Guys up a steep dusty weed-wacked section - photo Gordon Brenner
The course was designed by crazed talented-cross rider Aaron Schooler and set up by my club ERTC. Clubmates had to weedwack through thigh high grass and shrubs to make the epic course made up in Aaron's evil mind! The descents and ascents on the latter half of this course were rugged, challenging and fun in a crazed way.

Awesome video coverage by ERTC clubmate Jon Wood.

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