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Photos from Haute Route

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Photos from friends from the 2011 Haute Route:  
Waiting for the start of Day 1, mixed team racer Andrea looking back. Racers were encouraged to wear the Haute Route jersey. I prefer the uniqueness of the racer's kits - photo Helena Darvelid

Day 1 peloton leaving Geneva behind the pace vehicle - Photo Helena Darvelid

climbing Day 2 - photo Helena Darvelid
on-route to Bourg-St-Maurice via Cormet de Roselend - photo Helena Darvelid

First climb up Madeleine on Day 3 - Marg grinning because #171 had no idea he was dropping Stephanie #382 in the far right of the pic. Stephanie was glued to Cedric`s wheel the first two stages. I was surprised they were registered as solo racers
- wicked black & white photo from Aussie Will Levy
I purposely rode behind #171. It was funny when #171 Cedric Laurent mistakened me for Stephanie Gros and we both rode off together. Cedric was unaware Stephanie was getting dropped! "Solo" male #171, Cedric, is "solo" woman #382 Stephanie's husband. Why did they not register as a DUO team?! Stephanie won the solo women category following Cedric's wheel on the descents and flats the whole race - fair... or NOT? Thanks to Aussie Will Levy who caught this photo as he was taking happy snaps while racing.

Check out Will's awesome blog and photos.

Will did interviews with various cyclists each day. Here's mine after Day 4.

#270 and Marg about to crest the first Col of Day 3 - photo Will Levy

A lonely ride up Galibier in the headwinds, I caught up to another cyclist with about 4 km to go. He couldn't understand how I kept positive while the riding at the time was pretty hot and challenging in the headwinds... Other than my aching feet swollen in teeny carbon bike shoes, I told him I had to go back to the Prairies and I was here to enjoy the Alps! - Photo 

Marg going up Col du Granon 12-km Time Trial Stage 4 - photo
I was pleased about my effort on Day 4 for the Time Trial stage finishing at least 3 minutes ahead of Stephanie. Funny that her husband Cedric who is the calibre of a Cat 1 racer had seconds off Stephanie's time. He started 30 sec ahead of her. Abit suspect... would they really ride "together" on the time trial?! Good thing it was a 12% grade as drafting on that wicked climb would not help!

Everyone waiting at the top of Col du Granon at the end of the Time Trial. The view was outstanding riding the majorly 12% grade up!! Photo Helena Darvelid
Taking the opportunity to chill at the restaurant at the top of Col du Granon while the neutralized caravan of cyclists head down
- Photo Phil Domville-Musters, cyclist from Britain

Brothers Mike & Lenny Engelhardt.
I met the boys at TransAlps 2006 and again at TransAustria 2008
Day 6 - After a 19-km neutral start, the peloton is set loose to go up the climb to Cime de la Bonette, from 1220m up to 2802m... 1600m elevation at one go!  I caught into the 2nd formed chase peloton. - Photo Helena Darvelid
The climb to Cime de la Bonette goes on... - Photo Helena Darvelid
... and on... with gnarly headwinds... must keep with the pack... - Photo Helena Darvelid

This was the shot where I was worked over. I was in the chase peloton of about 15 riders. The climbing pace was tough though the headwinds were brutal. Every so often the peloton would drift apart. I cried with lactic acid pain to accelerate back into the group. I did my best to get sheltered from some of those taller riders! Ouch - this photo has memories for me with the intense effort put in - Photo 
... and on... still gusty winds... - Photo Helena Darvelid
The chase peloton being lead by Italian woman Dorina. I was with this pack just out of the pic. We were all crying and working together! - Photo Helena Darvelid

Not my usual smile for Helena at the crest of Cime de la Bonette!
It was a hellish 1600m elevation climb in the headwind! - Photo Helena Darvelid
An amazing background landscape the National Park - Photo Helena Darvelid

What is around the corner...? - Photo Helena Darvelid

Cresting Cime de la Bonette! - Photo Manu Molle from Haute Route
awesome candid shot of Gabi at the feed station - Photo Helena Darveid
Mario from Germany who I had met at TransAustria 2008, making his way up. Tough to have one of the strongest women teammates Andrea to chase up the climb! I like how this photo shows his effort - Photo Helena Darvelid
Hanging out at the ski resort Auron post Stage 6 - Photo Helena Darvelid
Helena with her World Class group of Sailors
Day 7, alot of shade sections in a canyon - Photo from Phil
Just finished! - Photo Helena Darvelid

Check out ALL my 2011 Haute Route posts

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