Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blowstreet Cross - Old Lady Young Lady!

The crowd seems to be loving the battles lately seeing an "old lady" (me) hanging with the "young ladies"... this race Shantel Koenig and I were neck and neck, with Cindy Koo not so far back.
photo - Andrew Barron
The course was held in a teeny grass park area in Calgary. Every square inch was covered with flagging tape utilizing the whole space! It was an ultra amazing course thanks to designer Lonn Bate.
good sized field - photo Andrew Barron
Personally, I would have loved to follow Shantel's wheel the whole race. The course was flat with a blurb of a hill and many long stretches. Feeling the need to share the wind, I would take the lead in sections I thought I could help most... the long paved path. 
photo - R. Haskell
Shantel would come by me smoothly on the corners switching leads. I was more like a jackrabbit in the corners until I caught on to the pedal-smooth-thru-the-corners technique.
photos - R. Haskell

The barrier location was right before a sharp right u-turn. The inside rider had the best spot. I was on the outside a few times.

The sandpit was rideable when I pre-rode. When we raced thru the first time, it was like a gopher haven of sand mounds all over. I didn't know if it was better to jump over, or run thru. It was sloppy going thru there.
The mounds grew each lap - photo Andrew Barron

cool falltime shot - photo R. Haskell
Down to the last lap, I chose to go hard for the barriers to be first around the u-turn corner. Still another two turns for Shantel to easily wind it up and sprint by strongly to the finish 100m away. I don't think I would have had much of a chance if I waited later.
Shawna Cindy Shantel Marg (Annie missing) - photo Andrew Barron
It was funny to hear the crowd's comments of them not knowing who would take it - so cool to be a factor in making the race exciting to watch!

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